The Process - Buyers


Now that we have found a home that you want to buy, what's next? I will guide you though the process,

but here's a list of 10 steps to keep you on track...

Submitting Your Offer
Now that we have found a home that you would like to buy, it is time to submit an offer. I will present comparables to you on homes that are similar in the area. This will aid you in determining what you should offer for the home. As always, prices are determined by market fluctuation and what people think homes are worth. At the same time, what the Seller will accept for the home and what the Seller's financial situation is can completely change the setting for our negotiation. All in all, every situation is different, every house is different, and every Seller is different. I will help you determine what you should offer for the home based on all the information that we have on hand.

Once your offer is submitted, the Seller will either accept, reject or counter our offer. The sales price and all other terms of the contract are open to negotiation... such as the timeframe for the option period, time period to submit the HOA docs, etc. Expect to have the contract "vollied" back and forth a few times before a final agreement between you and the Seller is made. I will help guide you through this process and help you negotiate the best price that I can for the home.

Accepted and Executed Contract
Once our negotiation is finalized on the price of the home as well as all other terms of the contract... AND both parties (you and the Seller) have signed off on the contract, we now have what we call an executed contract. You are now on your way to finalizing the purchase of your home! At this point you will need to present your option fee and earnest money to me. I will deliver the monies to the Seller's agent and the Title Company.

Home Inspection
Now that we are in the Option period, you will want to have the house inspected by a state certified home inspector. The inspector's job is to "kick the tires" and make sure that the home you are buying is in good shape. At the same time, the inspector will uncover any repairs that need to be made. A general home inspection as well as a termite inspection is recommended. As a convenience to you, I can provide you with a list of inspectors. You can also search the internet or yellow pages for a list of inspectors to call on as well. Of course, you can choose any company you like.

Negotiating Repairs
Now that you have had the home inspected, it is time to negotiate repairs with the Seller. The Seller is not required to make repairs although if the Seller wants to sell the home, there must be some co-operation. The Seller will either agree to make certain repairs or agree to pay you a sum of money to make certain repairs on your own. I will help you negotiate repairs that need to be completed on the home.

End of Option Period
Now that the Option period is over and we have finalized our negotiation of repairs on the home, you will want to move forward and research companies that provide ahome warranty program and home insurance coverage. As a convenience to you, I can provide you with a list of companies. You can also search the internet or yellow pages for a list of companies to call on as well. Of course, you can choose any company you like.

Confirm Approval on Your Financing
The last major task is to confirm that your loan has been approved. Once your financing is approved, we will need a letter from your Broker or Lender that confirms your approval. I will need to submit this letter to the Seller's Agent, as stated in your contract.

Switch Over Utilities
Now that everything is on track and you are ready for closing, it is time to switch over your utilities. Don't forget to call your electric company, gas company (if the home has gas), and water company. The utilities must be switched over on the day that you close on the property. If not, you risk not having service since the Seller will have them turned off. You will also want to call the phone company, cable company and any other utility provider to connect or switch over your service.

Final Walkthru
Before closing, we will want to do a final walkthru of your home. The purpose of the walkthru is to insure that the home is in the same condition as you saw it when you placed the offer and when you had the home inspected. We will also want to verify that all repairs have been made and that all items, that are to be left at the home, are in place.

Today is the day where you sign off on all your papers! We will meet at the Title Company at the time you have designated. You will need to bring a driver's license or passport and your certified funds check for your closing costs. The signing of your paperwork will generally take 45 minutes to 1 hour. Once all the paperwork has been signed, and the Seller has signed all the paperwork, we will need to wait a few hours for all funds to be transfered. Once the funds have cleared, I will pick up the keys and deliver them to you. You are now a proud home owner!

PDF Forms
Inspector Form
Home Warranty Form
Insurance Form
Walk Thru Sign-Off Form